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Glad to see you here, Welcome to my blog. I love quilting, fabric, colors, etc. and am a mother to two boys 22 and 16, grandma to one beautiful little girl. I work as an RN in Labor and Delivery so I get to see little babies come into this world and help their moms and families through it. I love my job. Many of my co-workers are quilters too, so we like to chat about it while we can. I love comments, so please let me know what you think, or just say hi!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hexagons in progress

My hexagon adventures!!

Here is one flower I made out of 1/4" hexagons!  Wow, that was hard.
Am I going to make a quilt out of those??  Not in the near future.

I am however, working on one with 1" hexies and am really enjoying it.

Never thought I would like doing all this handwork, but it is really relaxing and
something I can take anywhere.  I even got some of the girls at work
hooked on it too (and some of them don't even sew - well they do now!).

Back view of one of my favorite hexies out of favorite fabrics, Flea Market Fancy and Happy.  I don't sew through the papers just baste around the edges and then I don't have to remove the basting - ever!

A month or two ago and then now....

Here are some of my favorite flowers so far...some Central Park fabrics...

A little sparkle and some Sunkissed in there too and I think I see some Katie Jump Rope!

And some Java made by my friend Melanie who never sewn before! 
She has made a lot of these hexagons for me!

My quilt has become a friendship quilt too, as I have shown friends how to do it, they have made blocks for me and now some of them are starting their own, so I made a block or two for them.  It is nice to look at them and remember who made that one, or who picked out that flower combination.  That is a lot of what I love about quilting, the friendships, the bonding, the laughter.  You all know what I am talking about.