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Glad to see you here, Welcome to my blog. I love quilting, fabric, colors, etc. and am a mother to two boys 22 and 16, grandma to one beautiful little girl. I work as an RN in Labor and Delivery so I get to see little babies come into this world and help their moms and families through it. I love my job. Many of my co-workers are quilters too, so we like to chat about it while we can. I love comments, so please let me know what you think, or just say hi!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fabric Swap for Hexagon Making!

Wow, look what I got in the mail last week!!!  Lots of fabric love from Kristen of  K*D Quilts.  We are both making hexagon quilts and hers is a NO REPEAT - mine is not, so we swapped some fabrics to give mine more variety and help her fill the need she has for over 1,000 different fabrics.  Go check out her blog too, it is great and I am really glad I met her here online!
She wrote me a sweet little note too. 
Don't you love that little deer at the top!

She sent me a lot of beautiful fabrics that I didn't have.  This was so much fun, we are going to do it again later as we both collect new and different fabrics.   Thanks again Kristen!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Starbucks and Hexagons - 2 of my favorite things!

So I know this is a little extreme since I already have a Starbucks insulated cup, but when they came out with a new one that is bigger (24 oz) AND the two layers separate so you can decorate the inside of them, I knew I had to do THIS!
I got out some 1/2" hexies and some Central Park and Sunkissed fabrics and started stitching.

It was kind of difficult to shape it to the curve of the glass but I think it turned out great!  I love having these cups at work, helps me drink more water.  We have a good ice machine (I work at the hospital) so I enjoy cold drinks all shift long.  Now, no one will pick mine up by mistake either, they will just look at it and shake their heads and laugh.  I love it though.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mug Rug Swap Adventure 2

I am joining the Mug Rug Swap Adventure 2 that is just getting started.  Go check it out and join up while you can over at Leona's Quilting Adventure with this link:


I just think Mug Rugs are so cute and I can't wait to make one for someone and get one in return.  I hope some of you will join me.  There are some pics of mug rugs on Flickr too that can serve for inspiration!